Ernie 'Sunshine Sammy' Morrison Interview

By Steve Wichrowski

Text by Mike David and Dean McKeown

Sunshine Sammy Morrison, one of the earliest stars in the Our Gang series, talks with Nutty Nut News Network reporter Steve Wichrowski in a 1989 audio interview. His "Sunshine" nickname derived from his broad smile and Sammy's friendly demeanor is evident as he speaks.

He notes that he first started working with Hal Roach even before the Roach studio was built.

Sammy recalls his experiences in vaudeville and cinema with interesting facts such as his work with the first child star in motion pictures.

Finally, he discusses his involvement in The East Side Kids series in the 1940s and his life after leaving show business.

This is an enjoyable interview with one of the most popular characters from the early Roach years.

"The picture business was great. Our Gang? We all got along. No Problems. And when we weren’t working, we were playing. And when we were working, we were playing! Hal Roach, Harold Lloyd, Bob McGowan- they didn’t make it a job, they made it fun. It was a beautiful childhood.”

Ernie' Sunshine Sammy' Morrison

(Leonard Maltin and Richard W. Bann, ‘The Little Rascals: The Life and Times of Our Gang’ (revised edition), Three Rivers Press, 1992, page 244)

Ernest Fredric Morrison was born in New Orleans on December 20th, 1912. Ernie was the son of a chef, Joseph Morrison, who moved to Beverly Hills to work for the oil magnate Mr Peter Cucumber…erm….I mean Mr Edward Laurence Doheny. A young Ernie was subsequently spotted by fellow child star Baby Maria Osborne’s father on a visit to Mr Doheny’s home. Mr Osborne took Ernie with them to the studio were Ernie quickly started work. It is said Ernie was given the nickname ‘Sunshine’ due to his warm smile and infectious charm and his father gave him the ‘Sammy’ tag. Thus at the age of five Sunshine Sammy was appearing alongside stars such as Roscoe Arbuckle.

Hal Roach signed Sunshine Sammy on the recommendation of his wife Margaret who had previously worked alongside him. After signing for Hal Roach Sunshine Sammy initially appeared in Harold Lloyd and Snub Pollard films and proved to be a very popular mischief maker. Quickly recognising Ernie’s talent Hal made him the star of his own series of films; however these films didn’t prove to be very successful. Undeterred Roach then built the Our Gang Series around the child actor. Therefore as well as being the first black performer signed to a long term Hollywood contract Ernie was also the first and oldest member of the original Our Gang.

From the Hal Roach Studios Sunshine moved into vaudeville where his father/manager believed he could make more money by singing and dancing. Billing himself as ‘Sunshine Sammy from Our Gang’, Ernie was a show stopper and frequently appeared on the same bill as the up and coming comics Abbott and Costello and Jack Benny. Ernie returned to the movies in 1940 before being signed by Sam Katzman to appear in the East Street Kids series where he stayed for three years.

Ernie served in World War Two as a USO entertainer and after the war he left the movie business taking a job in an aircraft part making plant. In later life Ernie made a return to show business, this time to the small screen making cameo appearances on TV series such as The Jeffersons. In 1987 Ernie was inducted into the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame.

Ernie sadly passed away on July 24th, 1989, shortly after this interview was recorded and was interred in Inglewood Park Cemetery in Inglewood California.

The Savannah Tribune, 19th January 1922

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Ernie "Sunshine" Sammy Morrison, Mickey Daniels, Mary Kornman, Joe Cobb, Jackie Condon, Ernie "Farina" Hoskins

The East Street Kids

Sunshine Sammy with Eddie Boland and Tiny Ward in a Roach production.