2006 Sons of the Desert International Convention

Jean Darling Interview

A fascinating interview with Jean Darling who recounts her interesting and amusing experiences during the filming of the 1928 Our Gang film "Barnum and Ringling, Inc." She also describes antics on the set of "Babes In Toyland" (1934) including an amicable disagreement between Stan and Babe concerning her dress. Jean reveals the cast member on whom she had a crush and fondly remembers actress Marie Wilson. Interview with Roger Gordon, Grand Sheik of the USA's Two Tars Tent and an editor for the Intra Tent Journal. Here Roger discusses improvements in the Journal and his reaction to the convention. Passing of the Pineapple Banquet: The Berth Marks Tent honours the venerable tradition by passing the Pineapple to Anton Hyups and Map Boon of the host tent for the 2008 International Sons of the Desert Convention.