Jimmy Murphy Interview Ulverston 1984

Text by Mike David

Here's a very brief but revealing audio interview with Jimmy Murphy, Stan Laurel's valet. Jimmy recalls his time with actress Joan Crawford and reveals the "gift" she received from her then husband Alfred Steele.

It's interesting to hear Jimmy's recollections in his unique accent.

This was recorded by our roving reporter, Steve Wichrowski, Jr., at the Sons of the Desert 1984 International Convention in London and Ulverston.

Jimmy and Bill Cubin with Stan's cocktail book

Newspaper article from The Guardian 1984

Right: Jimmy and Spanky McFarland

Below: Left to right, Graham McKenna, Happy Harry Ingle, Jimmy Murphy, Henry Brandon, Bill Cubin.

The three colour images featured on this page are courtesy of I. Joseph Hyatt

author of Stan Laurel's Valet: The Jimmy Murphy Story.